About us

Partory CEO and CTO & CFO

Our story started in 2018, when our project Kooperace.cz started to work as a catalogue of free engineering capacities. In the following years, we went through the CzechStarter program, where we got feedback from experienced mentors and slightly redesigned the concept of Kooperace.cz into a marketplace for engineering capacities and orders. 

But our customers wanted more. They didn’t want to constantly search for new suppliers and conduct complex and time-consuming audits due to lack of capacity. Instead, they wanted a turnkey service including samples, packaging and inspections according to their specification. We like challenges and to meet expectations, so we founded PARTORY – an online engineering parts factory. 

Lighthouse Ventures GP Ltd. helped us realize this idea by providing us with a first investment in 2020 and a second investment for further development in 2021. Subsequently, in 2022, we approached foreign customers, expanding our scope of operations. Now we offer complete manufacturing solutions in engineering to whole Europe.

Our mission

We offer companies the opportunity to carry out the production of any parts or products without the need to have their own production capacities. We provide this service through a network of cooperating small and medium-sized enterprises that already have existing production capacities. In this way, we enable companies to achieve efficient and flexible production without the need to invest in their own production facilities..

Our vision

To build the world's largest ecosystem in the engineering sector. By bringing together hundreds of thousands of companies and with the help of our expert teams across Europe, we will deliver incredible synergies that will ultimately accelerate the market and help keep EUROPE as the number 1 in the world.

Your advantage

Just upload a drawing and you're done. Our unique algorithm evaluates the technical drawing and automatically selects the most suitable technology and machine. At the same time, it checks the available machine capacity of our audited cooperators, taking in consideration also the experience with the demanded material.

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