As of now we are Partory

Partory Logo - Digital Factory for Engineering Parts

Dear fellow business associates,

Our company is growing and innovating itself dynamically, which is helping us in building a network of suppliers and customers throughout Europe. We are trying to use the maximum of spare machine capacities in Europe and support a sustainable production „Made in Europe“. Being close with our customers, improving the ways of meeting needs of our customers and expanding our offer of services is our current priority. All this led us to rebranding to PARTORY.

Why have we changed the name?

The prior title wasn’t comprehensible enough for our associates. The new title PARTORY was created by blending the English words PART and FACTORY, which reflects our goal to be a factory for cooperative parts. A new domain is another part of the change.


  • The company name is changing to Partory s.r.o.

  • VAT/company ID, address and bank details stay the same

  • The app and the website are newly available on

  • Email addresses did not change the format, only the domain shifted to

  • The old email addresses are going to be redirected until the end of the year

What service can you expect?

We offer a complete turnkey service being a reliable partner in mechanical production. Simply upload a drawing and leave the rest to us. You can request turning, milling, 3D laser cutting, plasma cutting, sheet metal processing, welding and an abundance of other mechanical technology services.You can easily send inquiries, order and see production and logistics of your ordered parts, all at the same time via our app.


Thank you for your current support and we are looking forward to further collaboration.

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