Turnkey service for the customer

Customers require a turnkey service including product samples, packaging and quality control according to their specifications. Our parts are manufactured in the Czech Republic and delivered in the highest quality. We own and we are developing a platform with AI pricing, automatic supplier selection based on drawing, workflow-based order management and 5,000 machines.

Technology and production

  • CNC turning – conventional turning.
  • CNC milling – horizontal and gantry centres.
  • Sheet metal working – laser, plasma, water jet, bending (bending press, profiling line).
  • 3D laser, plasma cutting, manual and robotic welding.
  • Over 5,000 machines for production, surface treatment…

Material availability

  • Online connection to warehouses.
  • Wholesale price lists.
  • Possibility to buy from manufacturers.
  • Aluminium, stainless steel, steel, copper, brass.
  • 3.1 Certificate – traceability of material origin.

Markets and operations, supplies

  • We focus our deliveries on Central and Western Europe.
  • Our parts are used in the following sectors: agriculture, food industry, chemical industry, automotive, aviation, construction.
  • We produce single parts, prototypes and maintenance parts. From one piece to special or rapid parts production. We also offer series production.

Inspection, packaging, logistics

  • We offer attestations according to customer needs.
  • Storage, recall quantities.
  • Labelling, QR codes, special packaging according
    to requirements.
  •  Fast production and delivery throughout EU,
    no minimum quantities.
  • Design protocol and material certificate.
  • We comply with ISO 9001:2016 and ISO 14001:2016.

Examples of our services

Bench, engine, multiple spindle, cnc lathe

Tubes, hollow sections, beams, Flowdrill, identificat.

Laser, plasma, punching, bending

3-, 5-, 8- axis, horizontal centers

Manual, robotic, TIG, MIG, MAG

Bending, pressing etc.

Galvanization, powder coating, phosphating, chroming

Quench and tempering

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